YLOTY 2019 Meet your Judges (Part One)…

As you already know, this year has been record breaking, not just the number of nominations, but also for the quality of nominations!

After a very tough first round of judging by the EWL committee, we are now moving forward with the next round for the shortlisted candidates, the interview/presentation stage.

This year, alongside James Bradley and Daniel Hawkins, we have x2 guest judges – watch this space to find out more!

So, let’s find out a little about the Judging Panel

James Bradley

Who is James?

I’m James Bradley, a Director at Churchill Group and voluntary Co-Founder and Co-Chair for EWL

Why are you so excited to judge this award?

Judging the YLOTY award is a brilliant opportunity to support emerging leaders in our great industry, and furthermore it presents a unique learning opportunity; hearing from a group of very talented professionals tuned into the latest innovative thoughts.

What is your top tip for the shortlisted candidates?

Be yourself, and don’t hold back from thinking big!

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