It’s Finally Presentation Day!

If you’ve been following our previous posts on the Young Leader of the Year Award 2019, you will know that this year has been a record year not only for the amount of submission received, but for the calibre of those submissions!

As I write this, the judges are preparing for the first of x6 shortlisted candidates who are today entering the spotlight for the next round of judging.

The judging panel comprises of four industry professionals who over the past few weeks have been giving hints, tips and advise for the this round of candidates:

Be yourself, and don’t hold back from thinking big”

James Bradley – Director, Churchill Group

“Being able to support the continued promotion of talent and to seek out diverse thinkers to be the future leaders of our industry is a privilege”

Daniel Hawkins – Director, CBRE

Be authentic and understand your purpose!

CJ Green – Co-Founder and Executive Director, BraveGoose

“This is possibly one of the most enjoyable parts of my year, I love seeing young talented individuals on their journey, passionate about the industry and the people they work with”

Antony Law – Managing Director – Churchill Group

From the whole industry….Good Luck!

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