Thank you! YLOTY 2020 Virtual Launch

A huge thank you to everyone who joined us for the first ever virtual launch of the PfM Young Leader of the Year Award 2020!!!

The evening started with an introduction from Co-Chair of the EWL, James Bradley who gave a great overview of the award and process for potential candidates!

Ben Sutherland hosted the first panel of the evening with past winners and finalists of the award; James Bradley, Phil Matis and Roshan Deshmanya all giving a fantastic overview on the awards process, how it has affected their lives on a personal and professional level, and the overall significance of the awards process.

We then moved into the final panel hosted by Esme Banks Marr around the hot topic of Leadership and what we have dubbed the FM Renaissance. The panel included Daniel Hawkins, Bianca Angelico and Cher Sanderson. Not only fending questions from the host but live questions from the particpants on Leadership, Confidence, the changing story of FM; and some hints and tips for all of you leaders out there!

“If you have a story, don’t be afraid to tell it” – Nominate yourself or another for the PfM YLOTY 2020!

… and visit our webpage to know more!

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