PFM Young Leader of the Year Award 2022

It only feels like yesterday, but after a fantastic awards ceremony in 2021, the categories have been released for the 2022 process; and as always, there is a chance for you to submit either yourself or someone else for the Young Leader of the Year Award!

“I feel humbled and proud to have won YLOTY and it’s been particularly good to see the social media activity around this and the increased number of followers that have resulted”

Edward Wick – Managing Director, Penguin FM and YLOTY 2021 Winner

So what is the YLOTY Award?

  • Its part of the very prestigious annual PFM Awards
  • It gives identification and recognition of the industries’ future leaders
  • It gives emerging talent, a true platform to get their voice heard
  • It showcases up and coming innovations and fresh thinking

Further details with follow on how to apply with key dates (so watch this space!), but in the mean time, take a look at previous winners and what they are doing within their careers now!

2021 – Edward Wick

2020 – Mohammad Hassan

2019 – Roshan Deshmanya

2018 – Kristian Trend

2017 – Candy Hollingum

2016 – Tom Corner

2015 – James Bradley

2014 – Alex Murphy

2013 – Reyana Casey

2012 – Antony Law

2011 – George Weekes

2010 – Andrew Hulbert

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