YLOTY 2019 Meet your Judges (Part Two)…

Daniel Hawkins

Who is Daniel?

I’m Daniel Hawkins, Alliance Director at CBRE and voluntary Co-Founder and Committee Member for EWL.

Why are you so excited to judge this award?

Being able to support the continued promotion of talent and to seek out diverse thinkers to be the future leaders of our industry.  It’s a real privilege to be in this position. 

What is your top tip for the shortlisted candidates?

Be yourself, and don’t hold back from thinking big!

YLOTY 2019 Meet your Judges (Part One)…

As you already know, this year has been record breaking, not just the number of nominations, but also for the quality of nominations!

After a very tough first round of judging by the EWL committee, we are now moving forward with the next round for the shortlisted candidates, the interview/presentation stage.

This year, alongside James Bradley and Daniel Hawkins, we have x2 guest judges – watch this space to find out more!

So, let’s find out a little about the Judging Panel

James Bradley

Who is James?

I’m James Bradley, a Director at Churchill Group and voluntary Co-Founder and Co-Chair for EWL

Why are you so excited to judge this award?

Judging the YLOTY award is a brilliant opportunity to support emerging leaders in our great industry, and furthermore it presents a unique learning opportunity; hearing from a group of very talented professionals tuned into the latest innovative thoughts.

What is your top tip for the shortlisted candidates?

Be yourself, and don’t hold back from thinking big!

Record Breaking Year!

Young Leader of the Year Award 2019

2019 is a record year for nominations for the YLOTY Award! After a fantastic launch event at The Crystal Building, the team have been inundated with queries regarding the award, nominations and criteria.

Sponsored by Boden Resource and in Conjunction with the PFM Awards, the YLOTY Award focuses on identifying, celebrating and awarding someone who has made considerable impact early in their career within Facilities Management.

All nominations will now undergo a rigorous selection process followed by progress stages of interviews, Q&A sessions and presentations to industry wide audiences!

Image result for calendar tick

This process will continue over the coming months until the Finalist Event in October 2019 – further details to follow!

Good luck to all nominations, from the EWL Community!

Cathy Hayward Talks Personal Brand

During the successful launch of the Young Leader of the Year Award on 4th June 2019, the EWL and all of our members were delighted to hear from Cathy Hayward, Founder and Managing Director of Magenta Associates on Personal Branding, what it means, and what makes a successful brand.

The seminar was followed by a question panel with Cathy and four members of the EWL Leadership team discussing their own experiences and the impact of personal branding on their professional lives.

So the question is, what is a personal brand and why is it important?

A personal brand is essentially the way in which you choose to personify your identity to others, and a way in which to market yourself as an individual surrounding the values you believe in. We believe a personal brand is important, as it defines you as a person, not just a professional. If done successfully, it can elevate your career and your passions, giving you a platform to share your views, and more importantly, for others to listen.

One of the main talking points of the seminar was looking at what makes a personal brand, and where to get started; we have taken the highlights and detailed some top tips below:

  1. Values – Before getting started you need to identify what you believe in, what values do you live by and what are you passionate about. As Cathy put it, it doesn’t matter if that is workplace, talent, sustainability or anything else; this ultimately defines a person, and therefore a brand.

  2. Consistency – Personal brands can always pivot depending on market place, industry movements, events or breaking news; but you must make sure that your message, and your values are clear and consistent.

  3. Trust and Vulnerability – With a consistent approach develops trust, in you as an individual and your brand. Just be yourself, and don’t be afraid to show vulnerability. You are putting yourself out there, remember that people can see through a person trying to be someone they aren’t; so authenticity is key.

  4. Volunteering – Whether it be in your local community or industry specific, a key way to get yourself out there is to volunteer and help others. This is part of defining who you are the type of causes you want to support.

  5. Social Media – Using social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. if of course a fantastic way of building your brand, getting people to notice who you are and what you are all about. It’s not about releasing your ego to the world, its about letting your connections know what’s going on and getting your message across.

  6. Networking and Public Speaking – Networking is an invaluable tool when building a personal brand. As much as you can get your name out there on social media, we need to revert back to the points around authenticity and trust. People want to see that it’s all real. Meet new people, have some fun and let people know who you truly are! There are networking events on a daily basis, don’t attend every single one, but pick the right ones which fall in line with your own brand and target audiences.

  7. Say Yes – Cathy explained that in a world where we are trying to develop the talent of saying ‘no’ more often, there is nothing wrong with just saying ‘yes’ but to the right opportunities. Leave your comfort zone and take opportunities as they present themselves.

Launch Success – YLOTY ’19

What an event!

A huge thank you to PFM in supporting the Young Leader of the Year Award 2019, it has year on year become an award with an increasing number of nominations demonstrating how valuable the process is for nominees, finalists and winners.

Also, a massive thanks to Boden Resource for sponsoring our launch event for the second year running. Without their involvement and support for the award, we wouldn’t be able to spread the word and of course hold our launch event.

Key Dates:

Key Dates Overview Location
4th June 2019 Award Launch The Crystal, London
15th July 2019 (12 Noon) Submission deadline E-Mail
Sept 2019 (w/c 9th) Presentations/Interview Venue TBC
Oct 2019 (w/c 30th Sept) Finalists Event Venue TBC
6th November 2019 PFM Awards Night The Brewery, London

The awards launch was held at one of the world’s most sustainable properties, The Crystal Building in London, kindly organised through Sodexo, we kicked off with an introduction and discussion around the transition and re-branding of the YMF into Emerging Workplace Leaders. The new leadership team was introduced and we went straight in to the launch of the Prestigious Young Leader of the Year Award 2019. This was then followed by a fantastic seminar from Cathy Hayward (Founder and Managing Director of Magenta Associates) on Personal Branding, with a 4 person Question Panel made up of members from the EWL Leadership Team, telling their own story of personal branding and the impact it has had on their personal and professional lives. The night of course, wouldn’t be done without some informal networking, drinks and nibbles!

Nominating yourself and someone else

We spoke with a number of people at the event who were keen to either put themselves forward for the award, or nominate someone else. Don’t forget that you need to submit a 1500 word written submission by 15th July.

You will need to write a 1,500-word description of your entry. Supplementary information may also be submitted in the form of graphs or tables etc, but this should be strictly limited. There are no extra points for volume!

Complete the entry form and include it with your entry submission. For entries in Young Leader of the Year category the proposer and nominee should complete the form.


A final thank you to the EWL Leadership Team, EWL Members and all who attended. Keep spreading the word and see you next time!

Evolution of Emerging Workplace Leaders

Emerging Workplace Leaders has a history which dates back to 2004 when the Young Managers Forum (YMF) was formed in affiliation with the Facilities Management Association.

After only 3 years, the YMF was a recognised industry forum and in 2007, we partnered with the PFM Awards to launch the ‘Young Leader of the Year Award’. Find more information the YLOTY page on this website.

2012 saw us join forces with The Building Futures Group and after another 4 years of success, the YMF became its own self-funded entity.

The EWL has come only 3 years after this in an attempt to re-invigorate the forum, and the industry. We believe that whilst focusing on three key elements of Membership, Inspiration and Giving Back, with the foundations of our new core values; we can truly shape the industry and provide a community and platform to enable emerging workplace leaders to connect and accelerate their personal & professional growth. This will be achieved through events, award recognition and sector collaboration.

So what are our core values?

Connected – We build relationships and actively collaborate.

Growth – Evolution is key for our sector.

Fun and energetic – Because life is too short not to be.

Fiercely Open minded – Because we are all unique and sometimes, right or wrong doesn’t matter.

We care – About people and our sector.

Humble – We understand the value and importance of everyone, in every sector.