PFM Awards – YLOTY 2019

Congratulations to Roshan Deshmanya – Young Leader of the Year 2019!!!

YLOTY 2019 Winner – Roshan Deshmanya

Send in your photos..What a fantastic evening!

“To win this award was a life changing moment, and will have great impact on my career. Before this process i thought of myself as a decent manager, I am now a leader and have the confidence to set my sights high”.

Kristian Trend (Sodexo) – Young Leader of the Year 2018

Young Leader of the Year

In conjunction with the PFM (Premises and Facilities Management) Awards, EWL partner to award the talent of the next generation of Facility Management professionals.

The award category focuses on nominees who have made considerable industry impact early on in their careers, and looks to celebrate this success on an industry-renowned platform.

Candidates must be nominated by their senior manager and undergo a rigorous selection process comprising of interviews, Q&A sessions and presentations to an industry wide audience.

2019 Nominations

Don’t leave it too late! Nominate using the link below!

You will need to write a 1,500-word description of your entry. Supplementary information may also be submitted in the form of graphs or tables etc, but this should be strictly limited. There are no extra points for volume!

Complete the entry form and include it with your entry submission. For entries in Young Leader of the Year category the proposer and nominee should complete the form.

Previous Award Winners

2018 – Kristian Trend – Sodexo (Watch Winners Interview here!)

2017 – Candy Hollingum – ISS

2016 – Tom Corner – Mitie

2015 – James Bradley – Mitie

2014 – Alex Murphy – ISS

2013 – Reyana Searle – NG Bailey

2012 – Antony Law – Mitie

2011 – George Weekes – Balfour Beatty

2010 – Andrew Hulbert – Rollright